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Yoga is a healthy way of life for everyone regardless of size, shape, age, sex or experience. It is a type of exercise that can be adapted to suit your needs and physical capabilities.

Yoga improves your flexibility, strength and muscle tone, corrects your posture and eases back pain through strengthening the spine. Yoga is a wonderful way to relax the mind and body, boost your energy levels and alleviate stress.

Everyone can benefit from Yoga, ultimately if you can breathe then you can do Yoga, all you need to be able to do to start with is to roll out the mat.

A regular practice of postures, breathing, and meditation gives you all round fitness, a strong flexible body, relaxed mind and good health. Regular Yoga practice can also help a wide range of ailments such as diabetes, blood pressure, digestive disorders, arthritis, chronic fatigue, asthma and heart conditions.

Yoga is exercise and relaxation rolled into one, helping you overcome many of the symptoms of modern day life.

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